Across the Spectrum Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology Evangelical thinkers have thrust differing and sometimes nontraditional views on the doctrine of God the composition of the human person and the nature of hell into the spotlight This book offers a

  • Title: Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology
  • Author: Gregory A. Boyd Paul Rhodes Eddy
  • ISBN: 9780801022760
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evangelical thinkers have thrust differing and sometimes nontraditional views on the doctrine of God, the composition of the human person, and the nature of hell into the spotlight This book offers a service to the church by examining the various positions taken by evangelical scholars on eighteen seminal issues.

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      440 Gregory A. Boyd Paul Rhodes Eddy
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    About "Gregory A. Boyd Paul Rhodes Eddy"

    1. Gregory A. Boyd Paul Rhodes Eddy

      Gregory A Boyd is the founder and senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St Paul, Minn and founder and president of ReKnew He was a professor of theology at Bethel College St Paul, Minn for sixteen years where he continues to serve as an Adjunct Professor Greg is a graduate of the University of Minnesota BA , Yale Divinity School M.Div , and Princeton Theological Seminary PhD Greg is a national and international speaker at churches, colleges, conferences, and retreats, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows He has also authored and coauthored eighteen books prior to Present Perfect, including The Myth of a Christian Religion, The Myth of a Christian Nation, The Jesus Legend with Paul Eddy , Seeing Is Believing, Repenting of Religion, and his international bestseller Letters from a Skeptic.

    793 thoughts on “Across the Spectrum: Understanding Issues in Evangelical Theology”

    1. In spite of all the criticism it has received, I think this book does a good job of presenting the various evangelical positions on the issues it covers. It's a great starting point for anyone wishing to explore or develop their own views on these issues in light of the differing positions taken by other evangelical Christians. Some have criticized the authors for bias toward their own views. But that's to be expected from a book like this. No one is completely unbiased. The intent of the author [...]

    2. In theological circles, it is very hard to find a textbook that really treats controversial topics with equal respect for all sides. When a textbook discusses the Calvinism-Arminianism debate, for instance, the author usually takes up a great amount of space to defend one side over another.But not here!In this incredible source, Boyd and Eddy devote each chapter to a different controversial subject in theology- the fate of the unrepentant, the age of the earth, the nature of Hell and the future [...]

    3. Across the Spectrum is a interesting survey of different evangelical perspectives on a select number of topics. Instead of selecting the essay that is most agreeable or familiar the book encourages less certainty. The book serves as a foundation toward a more complex and mature approach towards theology.Boyd presents the best possible version of the argument for each side on a theological issue along with supporting evidence, criticisms and responses to the criticisms. By presenting each argumen [...]

    4. This was a good book and a challenge read for me. The format is interesting - it takes 17 topics in Christianity and presents different theological views. In each chapter, the views are argued and supported with Scripture, supporting arguments are explained and opposing arguments are addressed. It was interesting to read through the essays and decide which arguments I aligned with.

    5. Handy, helpful summaries of competing views of biblical/theological issues such as creationism, atonement theory, predestination/free will, baptism, women's roles in the church, etc.

    6. This is a well written book and was easy to read. My problem is not so much with the presentation as the authors did a very good job of giving the perspectives of all the main positions for each issue it looks at.My problem with this book is that these issues that Christians (and in this book a particular focus on evangelical Protestants) debate are for the most part true non-issues when it comes down to the core of Christianity. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying these aren't issues. But in tr [...]

    7. A wonderful resource for any Christian interesting in controversial Theological issues. It covers topics such as: Calvinism vs. Arminianism, various Eschatological positions on the millenium, the eternal duration of hell vs. annihilationism and women in ministry. It gives a fair presentation of both sides and cites scriptural support for each. Whatever your position on all the topics, you will understand the opposing side's rationale -- either to strengthen your own, sympathize with the other.or [...]

    8. Overall a great and easy read. It really accomplishes what it sets out to do, provide an overview of various perspectives on theological issues. It has a good breadth but not a lot of depth, but it does list references and recommendations for further reading. I will say that at times the lack of depth was frustrating, because I felt on a few issues the arguments presented were a little shallow and not well-rounded or articulated. However, even though I wouldn't reread (hence only a 4), I think I [...]

    9. This book takes a full, honest, unbiased look at several key theological issues dividing the church today. These range from the purpose of baptism, to the nature of hell, to the security of the believer. Every position is presented in an essay written by a scholar who holds to that particular view. The benefit to this is that the reader is exposed to a spectrum of beliefs expounded on by multiple individuals, giving a fairer view than would be obtained if the entire book were the work of a singl [...]

    10. This book reads a bit like a textbook which I think is the intention to a degree. Still, very understandable and a nice way to learn about the various schools of thought on many issues throughout the christian faith that are sometimes oversimplified or marginalized when taught by someone with a predefined opinion that they're persuading you to agree with. I enjoyed the objectivity.

    11. Writing from different positions on theological matters is tough, especially if you're not on board with a certain point of view. But this was quite fair, and each author did well in articulating many diverse leanings per chapter. As far as introductions go, it is probably one of the best you'll find.

    12. I just finished reading some reviews of this book on .Perhaps the the most strident reviews are from those most blinded to the truth.Little bits of truth are surely present in most views. But Isms are lenses that distort the Knowledge of God.

    13. This is the only book I know of that you can get a fair and balanced look at each side of all of the major controversies in Christianity. From the Calvinist/Arminian debate, to the hell debate, to the atonement debate you get a clear presentation of each side.

    14. This book helps you to truly think about what you believe and why you believe it but also opens your eyes to the variety of Christian thoughts. A very insightful book that puts your faith to the test while still defending it.

    15. A good cursory text on the basis of evangelical thought. Probably too bifurcated and not generous enough with "liberal" evangelicals. I found it enjoyable and helpful though. Good for people who are longing for a survey of evangelical debated theology.

    16. Carefully and clearly written, this is a helpful assessment of key theological debates within evangelicalism. Every once in awhile, Lutherans get a nod, but oftentimes I would read the 2 or 3 options in a given category and not be satisfied with any stance.

    17. This book was about the many debates that come across the Christian world. Very fascinating if you want to learn about these debates

    18. Useful discussion of various answers to theological questions that arise within American Christian Evangelicalism.

    19. For an assigned book, this was surprisingly enjoyable. I like debate-style books in which authors present opposing viewpoints, and this one deals with a very broad range of issues. Recommended.

    20. A great book. Each topic is discussed from varying view points by people who hold those view points. Turns into a great discussion and is quite though provoking.

    21. AMAZING book for anyone interested in evangelical theology. Easy to read and understand, and incredibly accurate!

    22. Had some pretty great debates while reading through each section. Such a great book, about controversial topics in the church.

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