The Power of a Whisper Hearing God Having the Guts to Respond Full throttle faith resides in fully yielded hearts In The Power of a Whisper Hearing God Having the Guts to Respond Ebook Bill Hybels reveals the attitudes and actions that help us hear directly fr

  • Title: The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond
  • Author: Bill Hybels
  • ISBN: 9780310591962
  • Page: 475
  • Format: ebook
  • Full throttle faith resides in fully yielded hearts In The Power of a Whisper Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond Ebook, Bill Hybels reveals the attitudes and actions that help us hear directly from heaven as we navigate the most significant challenges on earth.

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    1. Bill Hybels

      Bill Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, a non denominational church with eight regional locations in the Chicago area He is the bestselling author of than twenty books, including Simplify, Axiom, Holy Discontent, Just Walk Across the Room, The Volunteer Revolution, Courageous Leadership, Too Busy Not to Pray, and Becoming a Contagious Christian Hybels launched Willow Creek Community Church in 1975 with his wife, Lynne Berry , and a group of friends who gathered in rented space in a movie theater with a vision of helping people from any faith background or no faith at all become fully devoted followers of Jesus Utilizing contemporary music, the arts, relevant teaching from the Bible, and a small groups community focus that has revolutionized how people experience community in the local church, Willow Creek has grown to than 25,000 attendees, one of the largest churches in North America and one of the most influential In 1992, Hybels launched Willow Creek Association, a not for profit organization that equips, inspires, and empowers leaders around the world In 1995, he convened WCA s first Global Leadership Summit, an annual two day event featuring top leaders from all perspectives and areas of expertise both faith based and secular past speakers include Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Bono, Melinda Gates, Andy Stanley, Jim Collins, Ed Catmull, Tyler Perry, Sheryl Sandberg, Nicholas Kristof, David Gergen, and Bren Brown Telecast live from Willow Creek s 7,000 seat South Barrington auditorium each August, than 400,000 pastors and community leaders attend the Summit at hundreds of locations across North America, and around the world at 675 sites in 130 countries and 60 different languages making it the largest event of its kind on the planet Everyone wins when a leader gets better, Hybels says Hybels holds a bachelor s degree in Biblical Studies and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Trinity College now Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois He and his wife, Lynne, have two grown children and two grandsons.

    501 thoughts on “The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond”

    1. I must admit that I started to read this book with a fair amount of prejudice. I had always heard Bill Hybels and Willow Creek referred to in a condescending manner. I was pleasantly surprised. While I'm sure I still disagree with Hybels on a number of things, I found little to actually criticize in this book. I appreciated how Hybels shared the mountains and valleys of his spiritual life, his failures as well as his impressive successes.The book convinced me that I need to more open to the lead [...]

    2. The premise is simple. Read your Bible every single day, pray to hear God's voice, and quiet your world enough to hear Him when He speaks. I really enjoyed the reminders and the encouragement to draw near to God. I liked that Bill Hybels was willing to share his failures in listening to God as well as his times of obedience. I found myself begging to have the ear of Samuel, to hear what ever it was God wants to share with me.

    3. Bill Hybels vertelt hoe 'De stille stem van God’ (Nederlandse titel) je leven drastisch kan veranderen. Voorbeelden uit zijn eigen leven, maar ook van mensen die hij heeft ontmoet, laten zien dat Gods stem geen ingebeeld stemmetje is, maar het werk van de Heilige Geest. God heeft een plan met jouw leven en jij bent degene die daar invulling aan moet geven. Luister naar zijn stem, toets die woorden aan de vijf filters die Hybels beschrijft en kom in actie! Zoals bij alle boeken van Bill Hybels [...]

    4. The Power of a Whisper by Bill HybelsI had to buy this book for two reasons. One, I’ve always liked Hybels. Two, I grew up in churches where “hearing from God” was kind of taboo. Honestly, it’s often used as an excuse to do what we wanted to do anyway. From “God told me we should get married” to “God told me we need to break up,” God is an easy one to blame. Maybe that’s what it means to “take the Lord’s name in vain.” Anyhow, I got a copy and read on through it. The subt [...]

    5. I found Hybels book "Holy Discontent" inpsiring. Unfortunately I found "The Power of a Whisper" to be less so. I am not sure if it was the writing itself, the overkill of personal stories and analogies, or the general simplicity of the message, but I found myself moving all too quickly through the pages waiting for something to take root. The general idea of this book, which according to Hybels is a book he has waited years to write, is that underneath all of movement of our lives, whether in ch [...]

    6. Bill Hybels writes his book, The Power of a Whisper with a desire to show from Scripture and personal experience that God is a communicating God who has a deep desire to communicate with his children. As part of Bill's research he asked his church to email him stories of times when they heard a God 'whisper' and how they responded to that whisper. The response was immense and some of these stories are included in his book. Bill then goes on to explain the five tests he uses when he thinks God is [...]

    7. Short review: This is a good book. It is an action/encouragement book. It is not about gaining knowledge about hearing from God. It is about encouraging you to hear from God, then follow through, or how to spend more time trying to hear from God. Practical, personal, autobiographical and useful. I recommend it.Full review at bookwi/the-power-of-a-whisp

    8. This is a wonderful book dealing with listening to God and following His personal promptings. There are many examples of what can happen when someone listens to God. There is great encouragement to open up one's life to God's voice.I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for a better relationship with the Lord.

    9. I got a few things out of this book. For example, choose one Bible verse to be your life verse. (I chose Matthew 6:33). I also loved the story about Samuel and how it impacted the author. Overall, I was disappointed. I found this book to be more of a spiritual autobiography with long, off-topic stories rather than the more practical book I was expecting. I think a much better book is "The Best Question Ever" by Andy Stanley.

    10. I picked this book up because the title resonated with me during this season of my life. I felt God whispering to me in a particular way and thought this book would help define that for me. It wasn’t what I expected.Reminiscent of the God Winks by SQuire Rushnell books (yes, the Q is supposed to be capitalized), The Power of a Whisper shares numerous stories and examples of how God “steered” someone in the right direction. To more effectively and accurately know if you are hearing from God [...]

    11. The Power of a Whisper is about hearing from God. Bill Hybels explains through anecdotal and scriptural evidence that God does indeed talk to His children, not from far away, about things too high for us to understand, but from right beside us, about where we are in life at that moment. He is always near, even when we can’t tell, and if we’re careful to listen for Him and act on what we hear, He can guide us on an amazing journey for our lives.I really like this book. It’s been years since [...]

    12. As with most books I read, this one also seemed very timely. I don't know that it provided any new great theological lessons or knowledge for me, but I did learn and was reminded of a few very important lessons and truths from the wisdom of Bill Hybels. More than anything I found that I was blessed by the message. I have been challenged by this book to tune in more to the whisper's of God in my life. Further, to be ready for those whispers to come from a variety of sources, i.e. friends, family, [...]

    13. "The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God, Having the Guts to Respond" by Bill Hybels was very encouraging and inspirational. It's about training your ear to hear whispers from God, whether they are spoken directly to you or through someone else. Hybels relays to his readers through personal stories, personal example and biblical scripture that hearing whispers from God is powerful, and can help us through us life as long as we live. Moreover, the reader is provided with practical points by which to [...]

    14. This book had been mentioned at a conference I attended last month and having previously read 'Too Busy Not To Pray' by Bill Hybels and found it really thought provoking I decided to buy a copy of 'Whisper'. Being from the UK I found the Americanisms rather off-putting and some chapters seemed a little self-indulgent. Having said that I found the explanation of God's whispers to people throughout the Bible really instructive (Chapter 2). Also Chapter 3 contained results of a survey that Bill had [...]

    15. It's a Hybels book. He talks about his experiences, which involve his family and Willow Creek. A lot. I like the fact that he speaks from the heart, from what he knows. It makes the book a bit more personal. But it also gets tiring reading about how everything went well and they did things correctly. Or, they messed up, but things turned out okay in the end.The message of the book is great, though. As I speculated after reading Sun Stand Still by Furtick, the two books are on the same topic usin [...]

    16. My men's Bible study group just finished this book. I have, sadly enough been in a one way conversation with God for years. I have always wanted the burning bush response from God or at least the loud audible voice telling me what He wants me to do. As a result I haven't been a very good listener. This book was very helpful in that I found that God often speaks to me through others or through the Holy Spirit inside me but it is most often in a whisper.I am getting better at listening to God and [...]

    17. Bill Hybels is not one that approaches ministry in the same way that I do. Yet I find it good to read those who approach things differently. It also helps me to hear and see from such as he what his relationship with God is - in that sense I enjoyed it.I have a longing to know and hear God better - I think of David's words in Psalm 32 - that we are not to be like a horse or a mule that has to be drug into God's will. Instead to be like a servant that is very attentive to the master. I long to he [...]

    18. This is the first book by Bill Hybels thatI've read, though I have heard him preach a lot at Willow as I have family near Barrington. This book came at the right time for me as I've been looking for His direction in my life.I have a few choices to make career wise and I want to make the choice based on His will. This book has given me the tools to start being a better listener (as I like to tell my 7 year daughter from time to time) to His word. Now it's up to me to take the tools I've been give [...]

    19. The God of the Bible speaks. While the earth shakes and wind blows, often God speaks through a whisper, a subtle nudge, or words left to resonate in our hearts. These whispers are the focus of Hybels' work here: how to cultivating a listening heart; how to discern what's from God; what to do when God seems silent. While exploring these themes, Hybels weaves countless stories of God's whispers - many from his personal life and ministry at Willow Creek Community Church, as well as from scripture, [...]

    20. Thoroughly helpful and inspiring book by Bill Hybels, filled with many personal examples and circumstances in which God has faithfully spoken to him and those around him. You not only see what happens when he entrusts his life wholly into God's hands, but also the disasters that occur when he doesn't. Contains a lot of practical, helpful advice on not just how to listen and make yourself available to God's gentle whispers, but also the kinds of whispers He uses and how they can affect our lives. [...]

    21. Dette her er en 100% læseværdig bog.Den er personlig og dyb på en ægte og ærlig måde, så hvis, du nogle gange syntes at Gud taler lige lovlig lavt eller slet ikke. Så bør du gribe denne bog til stører forståelse og indsigt. I hvad er gået forbi din næse og så gribe det, og lade dit liv blive vendt på hovedThis here is a 100% readable book.It is personal and deep in a genuine and honest way, so if you sometimes felt that God speaks a bit too low or not at all. Then you should grab [...]

    22. This book is the selection for our congregation's Lenten study, 2011. The study group consists of people at a wide variety of points on their journey with and to God. The book is well designed for a group of this nature as Hybels introduces topics that are familiar, yet contain stretching room for spiritual growth.The early chapters focus on testimonials, which are interesting. The last chapters deal more with the meat and potatoes of living life in a broken world. These chapters are the most va [...]

    23. The Power of a Whisper, by Bill Hybels, affirms a God who is relational, near and wanting to speak to us. In fact, He is speaking, but are we listening? Using many personal stories, Hybels pieces together his story to explain how the whispers of God and His response to them charted a course for his life that he could have never foreseen. God has spoken throughout history and still speaks today to anyone who is willing to listen. Listening to the quiet whispers of God is an extraordinary privileg [...]

    24. Bill (the author) is the Pastor at my church. He writes from his experiences. Which he humbly describes. He is not someone who hasn't failed, or tried to lead by example. He speaks from the heart, and prompts you through the reflection he gives, and the scripture he believes in, to understand how you need to get back up and keep moving forward, listen for the whispers. God speaks to us, and not necessarily loudly. You have to have the ear, to hear what we know in our hearts and souls is being sa [...]

    25. I'm not a big fan of Hybels (as an author and speaker, that is-- as a leader and man of God I think he's top notch!). But this book was a little different than the others I've read. I actually enjoyed it! He rabbit-trailed a few times with his pet issues, but in this case, I enjoyed getting derailed. And after reading this book I'm definitely motivated to seek and hear God's voice more and more! Bill was practical and straight-forward, and I'm anxious to see how I grow spiritually because of the [...]

    26. I gave this book 5 stars because it Or rather God whispered to me throughout the pages. There was even one instance when Bill was recounting an email testimony from a person with my name about the exact thoughts I had been thinking. God revealed to me two things with that 1) He knows what I need more than I do 2) He speaks to us in so many ways. We just need to learn to listen.I believe God often leads me to books.I read this one and the very next one I picked up is Joyce Meyers Living Courageou [...]

    27. Hybels is an experienced writer and creates a smooth, readable text. Most of his books deal with religion and perhaps more specifically a person's relationship to God. The premise of this text is that God whispers to us and if you are receptive, you will hear his message. Hybels gives tips on how to become more receptive to these whispers and includes many examples of such occurrences. He also suggests a "litmus" test to determine if the whispers are legitimate. The book will definitely make you [...]

    28. Bill Hybels gives you a lot to think about - the people in your life who are strong enough to speak up when needed; the "coincidences" that are not; listening to God call you to a life of faith, justice and mercy. This is one that I'll read again with Bible hand in hand.Started this book last October, picked up the Kindle last night to read exactly what I needed last night, hmmn. how about that!

    29. I loved this book! So incredibly helpful, inspirational and must read for anyone traveling on the journey of faith. Bill's knowledge of the Bible and complete ability to make someone understand how God can communicate with you was just amazing! I want everyone I know who is on a faith journey to read it.

    30. I co-led this study with my small group as a church-wide Lent study. It was really interesting and made me think a lot about God and his power and prayer. I'm truly going to slow down and try my hardest to listen to what God is trying to tell me, as I've never heard a real whisper. I've had a prompting feeling, but that is about it. I think I just need to slow down a little.

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