The Brotherhood of Dwarves Roskin heir to the throne of a remote peaceful kingdom of dwarves craves excitement and adventure Outside his own kingdom in search of fortune and glory he finds a much different world one divid

  • Title: The Brotherhood of Dwarves
  • Author: D.A. Adams
  • ISBN: 9780976554721
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roskin, heir to the throne of a remote, peaceful kingdom of dwarves, craves excitement and adventure Outside his own kingdom, in search of fortune and glory, he finds a much different world, one divided by racial strife and overrun by war The orcs to the south want to conquer all dwarves and sell them as slaves The humans to the east want to control the world s resourceRoskin, heir to the throne of a remote, peaceful kingdom of dwarves, craves excitement and adventure Outside his own kingdom, in search of fortune and glory, he finds a much different world, one divided by racial strife and overrun by war The orcs to the south want to conquer all dwarves and sell them as slaves The humans to the east want to control the world s resources Caught in the middle, Roskin finds himself chased by slave traders and soldiers alike as he discovers that friendship is the best fortune of all Just when he thinks he has triumphed, an act of betrayal sends him into bondage His only hope of escape is the faltering courage of a disgraced warrior whose best days are behind him.

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    1. D.A. Adams

      D.A Adams is the author of the Brotherhood of Dwarves series and the Sam Skeen saga He received a Master of Arts in Writing from the University of Memphis in 1999 and taught college English for 16 years He is the father to two amazing sons and resides in East Tennessee.

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    1. Author D. A. Adams has a sure and convincing touch with his world-building, creating a fully-formed fantasy earth for his dwarves and other creatures, complete with history, politics and hope for the future, and he makes me want to read it—no mean feat as I’m usually not keen on overly detailed backstory. I’m not sure how he does it—I wish I knew—but this backstory feeds seamlessly into the coming-of-age tale of a young royal dwarf looking for a magical artifact, or possibly his half-e [...]

    2. I was provided the first in the series, Brotherhood of Dwarves for review.The newest Dark and Light being the fourth in the fantasy, action, adventure series.Brotherhood of Dwarves is a foundation to what I am sure will be an exciting series. I am sorry I didn’t get to it sooner.I was quite pleased with the adventure I was taken on. Roskin is a great character. Strong, capable but young and naive. When he heads off on an adventure of his own with ideas of fortune in his head he comes into more [...]

    3. This is a first book in a series which means at the beginning of the story you get more information than usual. So be patient because the real story starts with the second chapter.I promise you fast and fun read including character development and action.Did I mention that this is a bookstarring dwarves? If you like dwarves you will like the book.

    4. There are times when I love being a reviewer. Then there are the days like these. I just finished The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams. The author’s love of dwarves is evident. He’s like that kid who can recite every stat from his prized collection of baseball trading cards. You might like the kid, and you might like baseball, but you have your limits. And that’s the situation I find myself currently in. The Brotherhood of Dwarves is receiving favorable reviews on the fantasy boards. U [...]

    5. The Brotherhood of Dwarves by D.A. Adams immediately gained my interest because it is a fantasy novel. I love fantasy (almost to the point of obsession) mainly because the writer can create any type of world he/she wants. Your imagination can soar fantastically onward with this genre. I was very excited to start reading this book and with just one glance at the cover knew, without a doubt, that this would be a story to remember.The Brotherhood of Dwarves starts out by telling of the different ra [...]

    6. Brotherhood is about Roskin, a prince and heir to the throne but his mother was his father's first wife, a wild elf making Roskin heir, but different than everyone else. He has always felt his difference and when he is told he gets a year of travel as a poor shlub before ruling, he decides to start a fairly uninformed, half-formulated quest to retrieve a statue called the Brotherhood of Dwarves from a fortified castle in a neighboring kingdom. His plan is to convince an aged, retired general to [...]

    7. I must admit that when I was offered this book to review I was only too glad to accept. You see, I have this thing about dwarves in fantasy. I really don’t care if the races: orcs, goblins elves and all the others are the same as they are in every other fantasy, it’s what the author does with them that matters. It is in this area that D.A. Adams pulls off a great character driven story. There’s no ground breaking, genre shattering new ideas just a well-rounded story that leaves you wanting [...]

    8. Not as well-written as I had expected, after having viewed about 15 5-star reviews on . This is the last time I trust THEMAnyway, most of the problems I had with this book involved character development and the sometimes strange placement thereof. There were some folks I really wanted to know more about, and either didn't find out at all or had to wait until the book was almost over.I would have appreciated a map of the regions mentioned in the book. Not a big whoop, but I'm so used to them in f [...]

    9. When I started this book I was hoping for a traditional, but fun fantasy story where our young hero seeks adventure in a fantasy world. The core story is certainly nothing new, but it could be entertaining. Unfortunately that story is buried by poor writing. Things start of badly with a multi-page info-dump that spews all sorts of details you really don't need to know and provides you with many different unpronounceable names. This is exactly how not to start a fantasy novel. Show don't tell.And [...]

    10. The Brotherhood of Dwarves is a pretty fast paced read full of adventure. This book is perfect for young adults to read seeing as there isn't anything that a young adult shouldn't read. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to read the second story in this series. I really enjoyed reading this book mainly because as a reader we get to see the main character growing throughout the whole story. He's not perfect, he learns from his mistakes and moves on. I also really enjoyed all the different [...]

    11. Check out all my reviews at Kenn's ReviewsThis book is the first of a fantasy series, and as such starts out at a snail’s pace. However, with that said, this book was one of the most riveting I have read in quite a while. The flow of the storyline is seamless and after the first chapter of the book, which goes into quite a bit of detail of the Dwarf culture and history, the action starts off with our protagonist being sent on a journey of discovery to follow the hard set traditions.This first [...]

    12. I went into reading this book without even looking at the description, the amazing marketing professional that sent this to me had hyped it up enough for me to want to devour it. I will say right away that she wasn't wrong. I mean come on who doesn't like Dwarves? I'm pretty sure that's the first thing I even said to her as well when she approached me to read this one. The Brotherhood of Dwarves is easily one of my favorite books that I've read this year and if you've been following me on my oth [...]

    13. Brotherhood of Dwarves follows Roskin, a half dwarf/half elf prince with ambitions of glory. His tale leads him to fierce battles, enslavement and personal growth as well as finding new friends and legends.I really cant remember most names in this book, they were pretty odd and i had trouble even remembering the main characters name! The book was good though, if short. The world building was fine yet lacking description. The dwarve culture was explained a bit as well as orc and ogre culture. I r [...]

    14. This was a fun fantasy story that focused mostly on dwarves, and specifically on Roskin. He is on a year long adventure in the outside world prior to taking on his role as the next ruler of the Kiredurk nation. He has decided to set himself a goal to obtain a lost dwarven piece of art called the brotherhood of dwarves, thinking it will bring him recognition and adventure. But the journey isn’t easy, and he encounters many setbacks along the way.While I enjoyed the premise of the story, I found [...]

    15. This was a disappointing read for me - it was like High Fantasy Lite - all the ideas without any of that bothersome narrative or exposition - a task that should have taken weeks was begun and finished in 2 pages - nothing to see here? - then why have the 150 words dedicated to mentioning it - oh, so later you can say, remember back when I did this - well, i found this - and where most authors would include backstory, this author chooses to simplify the process by having a paragraph explain what [...]

    16. Great book!!The characters in the story were well defined. Can't wait for the next book. Red redeemed himself. Waiting for the next book.

    17. Decent start to what will, hopefully, be a long lasting series. Editorial errors and the fact that you could tell this was the first book in a longer narrative detracted from the overall story, which is why I could only give it three stars. Furthermore, I felt that this book could have lasted longer, seeing as how it just seemed to end, without any real resolution to the main plot line. However, that being said, I did enjoy the novel and commend Mr. Adams on exploring a new world, full of intere [...]

    18. Alright, let's talk about The Brotherhood of Dwarves. I'll start off by saying that I think this series is going to be one of my favorites. I loved reading this book and can't wait to read the next one. Through his world building and fantastic characters, author D.A. Adams kept me reading till the last page and trust me I tried to keep turning the page but after the back cover there wasn't anything else. It made me want to scream I NEED MORE NOW! To Read More CLICK HERE

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book. The beginning took the time to set up so much for a whole series. The first chapter gives a good background for the story. One of the most loved things about this book is that there is NO adult content or language. Not even the cheap way out to make up words to replace foul language. It's a great fantasy book that you don't have to worry what message is being learned when your teen reads it.

    20. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel, and likes a short read. If you liked The Hobbit, you will probably like this book. In was a short and easy read. It did not take me long to finish. I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. It has dwarves, orcs, fighting, what's not to love?!? See what else I thought at vivacioushobo

    21. This was a fast paced high adventure fantasy novel. I loved it from page one. I also love that this is one of those books that I know my teenager will also love and I have no concerns with passing it along to him. Adams is a amazing storyteller and paints a vivid picture that sucks you into the story. I am so glad there are 4 books in this series. I highly recommend this to any age, and not just fantasy lovers. I think everyone will enjoy this one.

    22. A classic adventureVery nice job by the author in creating an immersive world. The story moved along at a nice place and I found myself reading it in one sitting. If you're looking for an enjoyable and light read, you won't be disappointed by this. My only criticism was the mediocre dialogue and wooden characters.

    23. EnjoyableEnjoyableI have to say this was a good book, I like fantasy, big LOTRO and Drizzt fan here, and it was nice to see a dwarf as a main character, also a nice change for there to be an ogre friend instead of an enemy, so I definitely recommend this book for any fantasy or dwarf fan.

    24. D. A. Adams’s ‘The Brotherhood of Dwarves’ was extremely fun, short read. The story was not exactly original (a young dwarf going off into the world and going from adventure to adventure), but the plot flowed smoothly and the action never let up.

    25. Agree too much information dump at beginning. Tough to finish because of writing. Believe author has potential with proper editing.

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