Una missione per due Il passato del capitano Jordan Malone un mistero persino gli uomini che lavorano per lui ignorano la sua vera identit Da anni Jordan guida la Squadra Operativa d Elite nella lotta contro il terrorism

  • Title: Una missione per due
  • Author: Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Il passato del capitano Jordan Malone un mistero persino gli uomini che lavorano per lui ignorano la sua vera identit Da anni, Jordan guida la Squadra Operativa d Elite nella lotta contro il terrorismo, ed diventato una leggenda Ma nessuna missione finora stata tanto pericolosa quanto quella che deve intraprendere insieme a Tehya Talamosi, nome in codice Enigma.Il passato del capitano Jordan Malone un mistero persino gli uomini che lavorano per lui ignorano la sua vera identit Da anni, Jordan guida la Squadra Operativa d Elite nella lotta contro il terrorismo, ed diventato una leggenda Ma nessuna missione finora stata tanto pericolosa quanto quella che deve intraprendere insieme a Tehya Talamosi, nome in codice Enigma Letale e bellissima, Tehya risveglia in lui una passione dirompente, ma porta con s anche molti segreti E ben presto Jordan comprende che il pericolo pi grande che si sia mai trovato ad affrontare ci che prova per lei

    • Best Read [Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli] Û Una missione per due || [Memoir Book] PDF ☆
      264 Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli
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    1. Lora Leigh Giuliano Claudio Acunzoli

      Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this namecmillan author loraleigh

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    1. 3 Thank God it's over stars***Spoilers***I am so glad I am finished with this series. This was one of those times I really, really hated my OCD. I would have loved to stop reading this series after the hott mess that was Heat Seeker, but no my OCD had me powering on and I have made it to the other side. Live wire was also a big let down. No surprise there really after the last few books I wasn't expecting much. No it was not the train wreck that was Heat Seeker or as bad as Renegade, but totally [...]

    2. I guess I’m just a slut……because I really liked this book. It’s one of the best LL books that I’ve read in quite some time and although the plot is a bit weak…e sex is hot, the dialogue is witty and the sex is hot…Oh, did I already say that??? This is the final book in LL’s Elite Op Series. Jordan is overseeing the dismantling of his Ops center. He meets Tehya who is the last to leave her underground home…Sparks Fly….d the sex is hot…but then they go their separate ways. Se [...]

    3. OK so most romance readers love their Italian, Greek, and Spanish etc heroes but ( for VERY personal reasons ) my fav type of hunky hotties will always be the Irish H ( well, at least guys of Irish descent ). Lol. Anyway, I don't often get to read about my preferred Irish hotties since they're not that many of them in romancelandia, unfortunately. I was supposed to read this novel a very long time ago, after I had really enjoyed and loved Wild Card, but the subsequent books in the series weren't [...]

    4. Disaster - so many errors you can't keep up with them. Totally taken out of the story. I can't understand why Lora Leigh doesn't get this problem under control.

    5. Jordan Malone has spent what has felt like a lifetime in the Elite Ops. He has worked closely with his team, in particular Tehya Talamosi for the past six years. Tehya joined the Elite Ops due to her specialized communications skills. Ironically, her father, a white slaver is the enemy, having killed a good friend of Jordan’s and who tortured and killed Theya’s mother. She has worked as Jordan’s personal assistant among other things. Jordan’s SEALs training has taught him never make frie [...]

    6. I just didn't know how to rate this book. And its getting to be that way with each LL book I read.I enjoyed the story. Jordan Malone was the leader of the recently disbanded Elite Ops group one, and let me tell you he's been a sonofabitch in the previous EO books. So it was with relish I encountered his love story, after he's been so anti-settling down with his men. Luckily that didn't stop them, because he needed each one of them and their wives to solve the situation Tehya, his woman, and he f [...]

    7. This was the book we waited for for Leigh to write for Jonas in the Breeds series The culmination of watching tough Jordan and Teyha flirt with each other through a series of books comes to an explosion of Love, lust, and power.What an incredible read.I was breathless through the sensual and powerful story, and the sexual sparks flew all threw this book.10 stars

    8. I wish LL would get a better proofreader already. Maybe she should call up Nalini Singh since Nalini's world is much more complicated and yet she never gets any of the details wrong

    9. really enjoyed this one, think this might be my favorite. Jordan was a true alpha and the sex was hot, hot, hot.

    10. This was such a hit & miss book. Which is not surprising for a Lora Leigh story. Her books hit a lot of extremes on the good/bad scale. I had fairly moderate hopes for this story going in, and that's about all I got.Series Note:Sixth book in the "Elite Ops" series, which is a spin-off of the "Tempting SEALs" series. Not sure if you can read this as a stand-alone. It's hard to say, but it would definitely make more sense if you read the whole series.Summary:Ever since Jordan Malone came into [...]

    11. Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceUnequivocally sensual. The chemistry between Tehya and Jordan sizzles!I expected the utmost best from Ms. Leigh for this, her last novel in the Elite Ops Series. She delivered and more!Jordan Malone is the consummate alpha: possessive, protective, dominant. *i want one* We got our first glimpse of him in the Tempting Seals Series.All during the Elite Ops Series, there was an undercurrent of sexual heat/need/connection between Jordan and Tehya, but it was n [...]

    12. The sixth and, I think this is the last, of the Elite Ops romantic suspense series, although Leigh does seem to be setting us up for a story between Beauregard and Journey.My TakeOh, the dialog was believable enough and the sex was good. And, as much as I'd hate to believe that such evil exists in the world, I do believe it. What bugged me was Jordan's absolute refusal to believe in love. Okay, yeah, he's a guy, but he has so much evidence of the power of love all around him. And just what does [...]

    13. I had so many conflicting thoughts about this book. Did I love it? Not as much as I wanted to. Jordan Malone has always been an interesting character since I first met him in Wild Card and I was looking forward to finally getting his and Tehya story. After all Jordan has been “hovering” and fantasizing about her for a very long time…so finally we get a peek into their lives.And what happens??? We have this super alpha male, leader of the “pack”, strong and focused in his job but when i [...]

    14. Jordan Malone. What else do I have to say? LOL I've waited so long to read his story!!!!He is the hard-ass, pain in the ass, commander of the Elite Ops. He's always prided himself of not falling in love, not letting a woman become more important to him than a mission. But we've all seen that throughout the years, he's always had a soft spot for Tehya, fiery redhead, maybe a few years too young for him, but someone who has already been through too much in life, and is now only looking for love.Th [...]

    15. 2.5/5 - Damn, I really wanted to love this book. It might be the curse of anticipating a character's book so much that it could never live up to those expectations. That's what Jordan's book was for me. I've wanted it for ages, and it was a letdown. The plot read odd to me, not sure if it's because it just wasn't written clearly, or if I just wasn't engaged enough, probably a combination of both. Half the time I was trying to figure out how certain people fit into the plot, and sometimes I was t [...]

    16. Live Wire es el sexto y ultimo libro de la serie Elite Ops de Lora Leigh y tiene como protagonistas a Jordan y Tehya.Empece a leer este libro hace un mes y hasta ahora no habia conseguido terminarlo, la razon principal? sentia que la trama avanzaba a pasos de tortuga y por si fuera poco la trama me parecio la mas aburrida de toda la serie, no podia leer mas de un par de capitulos sin que me diera sueño, aunque quizas eso tambien se deba a que la historia de Jordan no me interesaba nada.Aun asi [...]

    17. Aspettavo questo libro da tempo, precisamente da quando ho letto la prima volta il nome del protagonista, Jordan, sembrava così tenebroso, serio, oscuro, era impossibile che non attirasse l'attenzione del lettore, e la scrittrice ci ha fatto penare fino al sesto e ultimo libro della saga per farci conoscere le sue sorti.Ogni volta che, nei libri precedenti leggevo delle sue schermaglie semi amorose con Tehya ero felicissima e in trepidante attesa di poter sapere di più.Finalmente sono stata ac [...]

    18. Today I am sad. I'm always sad when a series ends, when I know there probably won't be another story to wait for, another glimpse to the characters I love with all my heart. And no matter how many times you reread that series, it's not the same as the first time, when you were waiting and counting days till the publishing date of the newest book or when you spent countless hours on the author's forum, trying to see if there are new details, new hints or even rumors about the upcoming books.I tri [...]

    19. Live Wire is part of the Elite Ops series and I believe it's the last book in the series. I have not read any of the other books in the series. I don't think you necessarily need to read the other books in order to enjoy this one but there was obviously a lot of history between all of these characters. Tehya's been on the run for most of her life until the day, 6 years ago, that Elite Ops helped her take down her father, an infamous and cruel criminal lord. Since then she's become a valuable mem [...]

    20. hmmmmmm Jordan's elite ops team have served their terms, have found women to love, and have families to build. so a new team is moving into take over and Jordan and Tehya are left the last night on base and Jordan cannot keep away from her and after keeping her at arms length while warning all other men away from her, he finally succumbs to seducing her and she who has loved him for 8 years is helpless to stop him, knowing that this would be all he could offer - he doesn't believe in love. And [...]

    21. The long anticipated story for Tehya and Jordan is in a word amazing! Those of you who have read the Elite Ops stories, know that this book was a long time coming. It is book # 6 in the Elite Ops series and more information can be found at .The book gives you a back story so if you have never read the series, that is okay. This book can be read as a stand alone book if you choose. I loved the operators from this series so I have deliberately read them in order.At the start, the Elite Operators a [...]

    22. -Adult Content- ** 2 Stars ** I was really really really disappointed in this book. Maybe it's taken me 2 entire series of Lora Leigh to realize that all her books will be the same formula.I started to read this book and at 3 different times put it down and walked away. It didn't hold my interest one bit. I was hoping Jordon's story held much more emotion than it did. I wanted more. I craved more. I got nothing.Jordan and Tehya have been dancing around each other for years. We knew long ago that [...]

    23. The entire time I have read this series I have been waiting for this book. Jordon, the big boss of the super secret ops department, was so cynical that you just knew when he would fall, he would fight it all the way, but would fall hard. Tehya, was just the woman to take Jordon down. Having lived a nightmare of her own, she understood the special world that Jordon lived in and even lived in it herself. She knew that she was attracted to Jordon, but also knew he was fighting that same attraction. [...]

    24. Finally! Big boss's story. I love the fact that the whole team of badasses comes together for this one woman they've embraced. Its not overly lovey dovey, these are tough men, dead-men (as the book contantly says), and having them be mushy is just wrong. However, the suble hints, looks, and their persistence to keep Tehya safe is the perfect level of emotion. The problem with this book is all the inconsistencies though out are so bad, its frustrating. I mean, it gets as bad as calling people the [...]

    25. Okay Lora Leigh obviously has a sexually deprived audience. I know, I know, hate me people! I'm all for a good romance but not at the expense of the plot. And after writing sooo many books I think she's running out of good ideas. I really wanted to like this book, I mean, the man boobies on the front are likeable so Alright. To me, the dialog felt stilted and fake. The male protag was a little too over the top for me as to not be believable. The female protag just needed meds to treat a bad case [...]

    26. Stavolta le stelle sono due. Eh si, mia cara Lora, perché tu sei brava con i personaggi ma ti devi allenare un po' di più con le trame. Andiamo con ordine: Tehya Talamosi fa parte di una squadra speciale agli ordini del capitano Jordan Malone. Tehya è figlia di un narcotrafficante che ha voltato le spalle al padre violento per passare dalla parte dei buoni. Quindi è una buona che si porta sulle spalle un fardello molto pesante. Jordan Malone è un uomo dal cuore di ghiaccio, della serie resi [...]

    27. Ok. So here's the deal. I read a couple of LL's early books. Liked them enough to read more and then, well, I noticed some repetitious stuff and generally got turned off her books in a major way.I am not a reader who likes to read a book that I know before hand I probably won't like. I actually only read this book b/c it was a reading group book that was sponsored by the book store. So I felt obligated even though I knew I probably wouldn't enjoy it.I've been reading this book for what felt like [...]

    28. Joradan Malone is a hard bastard and prides himself on that. He also prides himself on having no weaknesses. And to him love is just an illusion. Give into the illusion and love a woman means having a weakness. When he meets Tehya he knows if he allows himself she will be the greatest of weakness. So for the six years she worked for him he never lets his desire for her get the better of him. But he also makes certain that no other man lays a hand on her.Tehya is 30 years old and has been in love [...]

    29. I'm about 1/2 way through the story. Already I've noticed many editing errors. Missing/duplicate words is the most frequent distractor. I hope this is only in the ebook version. I'd hate to think it was forever in printI am really enjoying catching up with the whole team. It seems like all the characters will be making an appearance, yay!!Not the best book I've read by Lora Leigh. I really enjoy the Seal/Ops stories but this book felt rushed. Other than what I said above it just felt like I kept [...]

    30. Lora Leigh has obviously lost intrest in this series because the last two books were truly awful and the few before that not so good either. Wildcard and Killer Secrets were wonderful and I was so excited for the rest of the series and it has been a big disappointment. It was basically the same story over and over. Bringing all the other characters back in could have made for an awesome book, instead it all felt jilted and with bits and pieces just randomly thrown in. Plus the ending when she br [...]

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