Little Ghetto Girl A Harlem Story Kisa Kane was strong in the drug game but now she no longer needs it She has the money the looks and even two legitimate businesses The time has come for her to settle down marry and bring a child

  • Title: Little Ghetto Girl: A Harlem Story
  • Author: Danielle Santiago
  • ISBN: 9780975258903
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kisa Kane was strong in the drug game, but now she no longer needs it She has the money, the looks and even two legitimate businesses The time has come for her to settle down, marry and bring a child into the world Things couldn t be better at the age of 21 Sincere Montega is utterly powerful in the drug game key deep, gun deep, bank deep, crew deepKisa was all theKisa Kane was strong in the drug game, but now she no longer needs it She has the money, the looks and even two legitimate businesses The time has come for her to settle down, marry and bring a child into the world Things couldn t be better at the age of 21 Sincere Montega is utterly powerful in the drug game key deep, gun deep, bank deep, crew deepKisa was all the woman he ever needed At first Then came the tension, the lies, the conflict and the cheating But the worst was yet to come.

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      Danielle Santiago Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Little Ghetto Girl: A Harlem Story book, this is one of the most wanted Danielle Santiago author readers around the world.

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    1. I read this book in exactly one day.I couldn't go to sleep with this book on my mind. I must say I always hesitated to pick it up because I hate the cover lol. However, I'm glad I did. I fell in love with the main character Kisa. She was hood but had a soft spot for the people she loved. The ending was pretty good and folks finally got what they deserved. Hopefully they'll be a sequel.

    2. Kisa was my kind of girl, she was an independent woman at a young age with her head in the game and knew what she was doing. I loved the romance, and the special things Sincere did for Kisa. I read this book in a day and half. GREAT BOOK, I LOVED IT!!! If you love hustlin' stories and reading about people getting stacks, then this is a book for you! Kisa could shop her butt off!!

    3. I love this book . It was one of my first urban books and Danielle Santiago knows how to use her words and her language. It keeps you wanting more I recommend too many people to read.

    4. The Book Little Ghetto Girlis about a girl who has agreed and promise to stay out of the drug and gang violence,because she wants to change her life for good and start over new,when she began to start a new life she meets the love of her life but what she doesn't know that he's a big time drug dealer.Year's and year's go bye then her boyfriend finally tells her that he's a drug dealer but he doesn't know that she already knows as she explains that"the streets have been talking".So she tells him [...]

    5. This was by far the best book i have EVER read! i love kisa and how she and sincere are meant for each other. she got her own money and dnt need his and i love how he spoil her and protect her this is the perfect relationship. Her sister Shea is grimmy and jealous of her lifestyle and what she did to kisa a sister just shouldn't do no matter how jealous she was. Having her robbed was enough and then kidnapping your own niece yeah she deserved to die the second time. kisa spared her life the firs [...]

    6. I thought I wouldn't like this, but by the time I got to page twenty I was really into it. The story was pretty good! Lot's of drama, romance, and of course lot's of shopping! I would have given this book a higher rating, but the characters names were replaced several times with names that had never been mentioned in the story before. That was a little odd, but at least it was still easy to know which character was being written about. There were a few times when the punctuation made it a little [...]

    7. i love this book! i read it in one day. it was amazing. i wish Danielle kept going i want her to make a sequal too it. i couldnt put this book down. and im the kind of person that can enver find an intreting book, i dont like really ridiclous things to read, this seemed real, and i pictured it in my head the entire time i wa reading it. i love it! if you havn't read it READ IT!(:

    8. I took one look at this book and was not sure I was actually going to read the book, but my curiosity got the better of me. After the first chapter I was drawn in and felt like I was living the life of a highly paid drug dealer.Kisa was very successful at a very young age. Once she turned 21 she felt like she was ready to settle down and start her own family and get out of the game. That all changed as soon as she fell in love with big time drug dealer Sincere. He provides a lucrative lifestyle [...]

    9. There weren't too many characters in this that I liked but they were real. I wanted Kisa to end up with Coco but yeah he was shady for sending Milani like that to seduce Sincere. Sincere wasn't ish. I hope he stops with the cheating. Kisa no matter how crazy is a good woman. One thing I didn't like was Kisa constantly flaunting her material things. I'm still not sure why Shea was so jealous of her when Kisa would give her money and help her out. I'm glad baby Kai wasn't harmed but truth be told [...]

    10. Everyone needs a little urban fiction in their lives. After reading a slew of strictly literary novels (trying to catch up on 'classic' titles), I read this is one day and have been thinking about it ever since. I want and NEED to read the other two works in the trilogy. I may just skip the second and go straight to the third. I love Kisa and Sincere's relationship. I would have liked to also read more about Eisani's character -- Danielle Santiago started on it, then didn't give the readers much [...]

    11. Kisa was once deep in the drug game. She was wild and just didn't care. She got it anyway she could. Soon she relizes that;s not the life she wants. She gets out the game and settles down. Howeer her fiance is a powerful drug lord. Her relationship stays giing her dangerous situations. Never being one to gie up. She oercomes all of them. Though it was no easy task.This book was good because a enjoyed reading about a strong femal character. I realy respect how tough Kisa was. With that being said [...]

    12. I read this in 8th grade. It was pretty sexy for me back then and it was the greatest thing ever. I read it because a friend who doesn't read told me it's good so she had to to be right. I can't remember if she had her own copy or we checked it out from the school's library. If this is lurking in a junior high library, plenty of 7th and 8th graders are gonna have the sexy romance reader awakened in them lol

    13. I would really rate this book a 2 1/2. It was ok but compared to other books I've read, it didn't keep me hanging on to find out what happens next more than maybe 1 time or 2 at the most. The morale of the story did it for me. It simply showed that "the lifestyle" of over-emphasized money and hustling is not in the end what it's cracked up to be. I loved the character of the mothers, there was true substance to them and everytime their part came in, I could feel realness and love.

    14. This is a action packed, fast paced love story that brings you drama and mayhem in the lives of The King n Queen of NY's drug game Kisa n Sincere which was filled with jealousy, betrayal, deceit,murder, kidnapping backstabbing and many more twists n turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, will love conquer all or will love not be enough? Find out now grab this great read

    15. This book was really good. i thought i could of had a better ending but other than that it was really great. It was about a girl named Kisa Kane and the life of danger and drugs that she had to deal with while her husband was in the Game that she had just gotten out of because of the baby girl that she had just had.

    16. loved the book it was clear that Sincere and Kisa loved each other; they'll go out of their way for each other/their family I was happy they ended up back together at the end;Kisa didnt die and Kai still had a mother and a sibling :) Shea disgusted me she was wrong for how she did her little sister she was too sneaky and jealous for me but I loved the book

    17. Ah, so typical. Hustling girl meets hustling boy and they think they want a relationship. Instead one's cheating the other is spending and snorting. There is "hot" make-up sex dashed with a baby and some designer labels. The writing is atrocious (I would love to give an example but they're almost too comical) and there is no real story. But, the kids will love it.

    18. I could not get to page 10 of this book. I like stories like this book but I dont care for the author's style of writting. Reminds me of a elementary book. I just dont dig the way she writes. You should be able to jump right in a good book by page 10 and that just didnt happen for me.

    19. I LOVE this book. This is the first book I fell in love with. I read this book many times and it never get boring to me. This is a must read book, I guaranty if you read this book you would love this just as must as I do. This book will leave you wanting more.

    20. Ghettofabulous and over the top. A life I could never imagine, LOL. A good story but just about the dumbest last line I have ever read in any book in my whole life. And I have read thousands of books.

    21. Well, I like Danielle Santiago as an author and while her book was not awful, unfortunately it held the same cliche's I have been reading in ALL of the Urban Fiction books lately and it's just getting old for me.

    22. So far this book is pretty good. I am only on Chapter 2 though . These chapters are a lot longer . But right now the book's alright , Their is already some crazy drama being. And can't wait to read the rest.

    23. This is by far the best book I've read. I could barely put the book down it was so good and I finished it in like 2 days which is very abnormal. But I don't want to ruin the story, you have to read it for yourself to find out what happened.

    24. I think the storyline was great but it was poorly written. Anyone could've thrown this story together. No creative writing techniques used whatsoever. I have to say I was disappointed and just finished this story just to have something to read.

    25. this book teach me a very good lesson i think no one in the human race will everyy thing me. will the lesson is that you can start in a bad foot and go to the good fot

    26. This was a pretty good read but I expected more. I saw good reviews. I paid way too much money for this book and it not be 5 stars. But I'm glad it had a happy ending.

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