Food A Love Story What are my qualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here s why I m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I d highly recommend that yo

  • Title: Food: A Love Story
  • Author: Jim Gaffigan
  • ISBN: 9780804140416
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What are my qualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here s why I m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I d highly recommend that you do not read his book Bacon McDonalds Cinnabon Hot Pockets Kale Stand up comedian and author Jim Gaffigan has made his career rhapsodizing over the most treasure What are my qualifications to write this book None really So why should you read it Here s why I m a little fat If a thin guy were to write about a love of food and eating I d highly recommend that you do not read his book Bacon McDonalds Cinnabon Hot Pockets Kale Stand up comedian and author Jim Gaffigan has made his career rhapsodizing over the most treasured dishes of the American diet choking on bacon is like getting murdered by your lover and decrying the worst offenders kale is the early morning of foods Fans flocked to his New York Times bestselling book Dad is Fat to hear him riff on fatherhood but now, in his second book, he will give them what they really crave hundreds of pages of his thoughts on all things culinary ish Insights such as why he believes coconut water was invented to get people to stop drinking coconut water, why pretzel bread is 3 on his most important inventions of humankind behind the wheel and the computer , and the answer to the age old question which animal is delicious the pig, the cow, or the bacon cheeseburger

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      Jim Gaffigan was born in Elgin, Illinois, and raised in Chesterton, Indiana He attended La Lumiere School in La Porte, Indiana He is the youngest of six children and often jokes about growing up in a large family He attended Purdue University for one year, where he was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity He graduated from Georgetown University s McDonough School of Business in 1988 After graduating, Gaffigan moved to NYC to work in advertising, taking improv classes at night His comedy career began when a friend bet him to do stand up.He is married to actress Jeannie Noth, with whom he has two daughters, Marre and Katie Louise, and three sons, Jack, Michael, and Patrick The family of seven live in a two bedroom apartment in New York City Gaffigan has stated on stage, and elsewhere, that he is Catholic.Portion from

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    1. "Mind you, I'm not criticizing the biscuits and gravy or the chicken and waffles. I find them delightful. I'm just saying if I lived down there I would be dead." (p.48)"I remember when I was ten years old looking around at my small Indiana town that didn't even have a McDonald's and thinking, I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. THERE'S BEEN SOME MISTAKE." (p. 53)"They are heroes, really. Or drug dealers. Either way, they are allowed to be jerks. Thank you, arrogant (view spoiler)[ coffee shop employee( [...]

    2. I think I found my long lost brotherYes JimI do.A book on totally embracing all your food sins? Sign me up. I try and eat healthyAvoid McDonald's, Not eat Bacon for everymeal (Notice how Bacon gets capitilized-it should always), eat some veggies.d fruit.Who am I kidding? In this book you don't read it for the fruit! You read it to have fun with food. Even when it kills you.Jim Gaffigan doesn't care if you eat McDonald's. He admits he does. Even when he hides behind the counters so that you can't [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/RELEASE DATE TODAY 10/21 - YUMMY YUMMY!As a person who enjoys Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up routine, I jumped at the chance to read Dad is Fat. Unfortunately (probably due to the fact that I’m raising my own brood of horrible offspring), that one fell just a tad flat for me. However, as a fellow chubbo I was all grabby-hands when it came to getting a copy of Food: A Love Story . . . Wait, you know what this review could use? A DONUT!Ahhhhh, much better. Whe [...]

    4. Maybe all Americans should just eat starving people from other nations".ybe it's just me, but I was dying-laughing silly when Jim Gaffigan spit out the sentence.I had another thought: perhaps the hungry people should eat the obese Americans. Go ahead Spank me I've a sick sense of humor but I was very entertained during my walks with this book! WAY TOO FUNNY!!!Audiobook=HILARIOUS!!!! Crab, oysters, lobster, anchovies, and octopus, are nothing but sea buggers swimming at the bottom of the ocean - [...]

    5. If aliens studied Earth, they would come to the conclusion that the United States is somehow consuming food on behalf of other countries.And so begins Comedian Jim Gaiffigan's Food: A Love Story. Actually, that's not how it begins. I just thought the quote sounded almost philosophical, plus I wanted to use the grandiose "And so begins." I could have just as well started withI’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food is a psychopath.e that, my friend, is fact! Gaffigan loves food [...]

    6. The Hook I love food but food, or actually the calories, don’t necessarily love me. The Line Triscuits are just shredded wheat in cracker form.The Sinker – My GR friend Elyse recommended this book. Ha, she’s the one who complained today that I’m adding books to her TBR pile. Doesn’t she know that books to lovers of reading are worse than potato chips? Some readers have watched Jim Gaffigan perform stand-up comedy and were disappointed that some of the material in Food: A Love Story is [...]

    7. Warning: Do not read this book when you are hungry. The discussions of pizza, cheeseburgers, bacon, doughnuts, steak, and all kinds of yummy foods could break your diet.Comedian Jim Gaffigan loves food and talks a lot about it in his standup routines, including his popular bit on Hot Pockets. This fun book talks about the different foods he likes and dislikes, and his favorite restaurants around the United States. I was tickled to note that I had eaten at a few of the places he mentioned, and fi [...]

    8. Thank you, Mr. Gaffigan, for my first book of 2016 - and a good way to start!In spring of 2000, I went to The Late Show with David Letterman - the guests were Jackie Chan and up and coming (and little known) comedian Jim Gaffigan. I am excited that years later I can say that I was there to see someone before they were big (and, have the opportunity to name drop in a review).I enjoyed Gaffigan's cynical and humorous approach to foods of every kind. While I didn't always agree with his sentiment [...]

    9. Food: A Love Story is another great book by comedian and actor Jim Gaffigan. This is seriously a laugh-out-loud book. Some of this is repeated from his stand up, but I don't care. Give me more Gaffigan, and spray cheese! 5*****

    10. It is because I like Jim Gaffigan so much that I enjoyed this book so little. With his last book, Dad Is Fat, I put part of the blame on the topic (fathering five children), and some of the fact that I read (and did not listen to) the book. So, I thought I was being clever by listening to Food: A Love Story.It turns out, I was not clever enough. Why? Because, for me, this was almost all material that I have heard Jim do—just delivered in a slightly less funny manner. Now here's where things ge [...]

    11. I really wanted to like this. But I think Jim Gaffigan and I just feel just too differently about food for me to find much humor in this. I would never consider myself a foodie, but the foods we love/hate are completely opposite. So after the great introduction, which had me laughing out loud, the jokes fell flat after a few chapters. I gave it a good shot tho, making it over 100 pages, and skipping forward a few more chapters just to double check but noI just could not enjoy this book. It doesn [...]

    12. If you love food, you WILL love this book.If you don't love food, there is something wrong with you.

    13. Much funnier than his first book, Dad Is Fat. Maybe because food is a subject we can all relate to no matter what age. With Dad Is Fat, I felt like I was over having raised a small child, so it was more painful to have to read about someone else's excruciating thoughts on child-rearing. Been there, done that, no need to read on it. Or maybe I was just tired of hearing one too many stories about how cute someone else's child is. I work with someone who must tell everyone everything about what her [...]

    14. Freakin' hilarious. I highly recommend listening to Mr. Gaffigan read it on Audible. It's like going to one of his stand up shows. I think he is funny no matter what he talks about, but in my opinion he is at his best when he talks about food. I listened during work with ear buds plugged into my iPhone and it made for a very pleasurable work day. I burst out laughing countless times. Food is something we all can relate to in one way or the other but his spin cracks me up because truth is strange [...]

    15. This book is really funny, if I would add a quote of everywhere I laughed out loud, that would be a very long review. Jim Gaffigan loves junk food, his food choices are quite similar to kids choices (and he doesn't like sea food or any fish, that made me empathize with him quite easily). He is not a foodie, he is an eatie. Foodies seem to be on a never-ending search for new restaurants and interesting dishes. I don’t have an insatiable desire to discover what makes something taste good or to f [...]

    16. I like Jim Gaffigan, I think he's a very talented pretty comedian and enjoy watching his stand up if I ever come his specials on Comedy Central. I chuckled at a few parts in this book an always enjoy reading about food but I got a bit bored after a while with this novel. I also got really tired of hearing about his wife and beautiful and amazing she is, was she standing over Jim's shoulder the entire time he was writing this book? I enjoyed the conversational writing style and how quick each cha [...]

    17. ~ When someone orders a salad at lunch, it's presented as the decision of a martyr giving up their happiness to the waiter. ~Jim This book is delicious and hilarious. :) (3.45/5)Written by Jim Gaffigan, A steak eater; the manly eater, who's an eatie not a foodie & the only time he stop eating is when he's sleeping. :D He'll make you travel from BBQ land to steakland to foodland to seabug land to coffeland and what not. It is definitely a love story of an eatie about his favourite and not so [...]

    18. This book does its one job profoundly well. It makes me want to eat more. And that's a great thing (well, it's bad too). I don't think I'm alone in this opinion here, but lemme just say—or type, rather—that food is amazing in all its bountiful concoctionsd author/comedian Jim Gaffigan is steadily enjoyable throughout this love letter-like romp of his. Gaffigan's pointed views on bottled water, fish, and salads are right on the money, among many other hilarious musings. I loved listening to t [...]

    19. There were moments in this book that were laugh out loud funny and other moments that elicited a "huh?" response from me. I got it - lets laugh at ourselves as we consume vast quantities of fast food. I kept thinking "Is Jim Gaffigan really THAT addicted to fast food?" Then again, I also now have such a craving for McDonald's that I will definitely be going there this week. Thank you, Hot Pockets. I haven't been to the golden arches in years.I'd like to make a few observations about this book.1. [...]

    20. I have to say that getting this in audio, read by Jim Gaffigan is the way to go. I popped those CD's in while I was in the car and it was a blast. I've loved this comedian for such a long time. His standup is better than his books, but these are great too.The first half was the best for me. There were sections in the middle that were just, eh. But then he'd get on a topic that was hilarious and I would be cracking up.He riffs on every kind of food, and every kind of food related activity out the [...]

    21. HmmI went back and forth with this book. In the beginning, I found this hysterical. But after awhile, no so much. I don't know Jim Gaffigan or his comedy. I picked this one up as it was about food and I heard a good bit about it. It is definitely about food, but I think in the end, just not the kind of food I eat. I try to eat whole grain and eat vegan, and this was more about fast foods, bbque, junkfoods, etc. I love to read any books about food, but this one just after some time became a bit t [...]

    22. I like Jim Gaffigan , I love food. This book should have been a no-brainer.Not a treatise on the subject but rather a collection of Jim's thoughts on one of his favorite things. And there were some very funny ,occasionally thoughtful points made.It read to me like one of his stand-up routines, but the delivery was forced and flat at times. I enjoyed the pictures that went long with the script,his kids are adorable. Overall, I give this one 2.7 , rounded up to 3.

    23. 3.5 stars(apologies to my vegan/vegetarian friends)I doubt anyone would confuse Jim Gaffigan for an epicure. (The cover's Gaffigan/Hot Dog marriage should dispel any doubts as to what direction Gaffigan's culinary love goes). I'm not sure what I was expecting (as I'm really picky about stand-up comedy, and have never once watched any of his gigs; the only thing I'd seen him in was an episode of Portlandia, appropriately enough: selling stew from a trailer ) but I kept g [...]

    24. I loved, loved, loved Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan so have been looking forward to his new book, Food; A Love Story ever since I heard about it coming out!This book is a laugh out loud, cheer me up on a bad day, I never want it to end type of book! Maybe it's because I love food, but I could relate so well to everything that Jim jokes about. Reading his book made me hungry for a doughnut. And some cheese. And food in general.I like how he can be funny without being crude or vulgar. He has clean co [...]

    25. 3.5 StarsJim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics. Not only is he funny, but he also comes off as a normal guy (living in a NYC 2-bedroom apartment with his wife and 5 small kids). I knew this book was going to be a delight, and I was right.Warning: Don't listen or read this book while hungry. I was craving BBQ while listening to it at work haha.He covers a lot about food (no surprise there!), and there's lot of good sections. Ex. He covers food geographically ex Chicago deep dish pizza, Texas [...]

    26. Not gonna finish. I don't find his take on food particularly useful or funny (can you tell I'm desperately searching for the point?) he goes into weird tangents about coffee, french fries, and other awesome food/drink products that have nothing to do with how great or lame the food itself is. For example:Coffee-Starbucks barista/customer rants. French fries-awkward mentioning of the freedom fries movement. Really? Nothing about all the delicious variants of fries, but you'll mention that? He als [...]

    27. I love Jim as a narrator! He is so good! He entertains me with his voices, his passion, his comedy. I personally give him a 5. But, his material was about a 3. He talks strictly about food for almost 8 hours: ALL food; hence the title! Hahaha.

    28. In Food: A Love Story, Jim Gaffigan waxes poetic about one of his favorite topics – food.Gaffigan is one of my favorite comics. He has clean, family oriented humor (so I can watch his specials while my kid is awake rather than waiting for her to go to sleep) and he generally avoids political topics (so I can watch his specials without my husband getting mad and walking away).I love his humor. However, this book was almost too much for me, even being the huge fan that I am.At least, in his stan [...]

    29. Oh, some of these are rehashed from his comedy specials. I have heard them beforeCall me whatever you will, but I still had tears on my face from laughing or was cracking up at work listening to this. I don't care that it's basically a book of stand up centered around food. That's what I wanted. That's exactly what I wanted.And it delivered all that and more, just like his first book Dad Is Fat.I'm serious when I say that this is what I want from comedians. FUNNY. JOKES. Yeah, okay I want to hea [...]

    30. Do you want to read every predictable, cliche "joke" about food and popular culture that currently exists? Then this is the book for you! Aside from my complete agreement with Gaffigan that seafood is really sea bugs, I found this book to be a complete snore. There was nothing unique about his commentary and I could guess what he had to say on each topic before I even read it. He does a great job of setting himself up as the affable non-foodie, but he doesn't do it in a way that brings anything [...]

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