Captive Surrender Captured from Earth Anna is thrust into a world of heartless alien s intent on using her as a breeding slave in order to save a prized fighting species on the brink of extinction Morrdrook a Zakiu

  • Title: Captive Surrender
  • Author: Angela Castle
  • ISBN: 9781301592470
  • Page: 294
  • Format: ebook
  • Captured from Earth, Anna is thrust into a world of heartless alien s intent on using her as a breeding slave, in order to save a prized fighting species on the brink of extinction.Morrdrook, a Zakiu gladiator slave, fights to win Anna in the arena.With the choice of facing death or breeding with alien who won her, the last thing Anna expects is the heated passion of MorrdCaptured from Earth, Anna is thrust into a world of heartless alien s intent on using her as a breeding slave, in order to save a prized fighting species on the brink of extinction.Morrdrook, a Zakiu gladiator slave, fights to win Anna in the arena.With the choice of facing death or breeding with alien who won her, the last thing Anna expects is the heated passion of Morrdrook s touch He makes her body burn like she never dreamed possible.As the fights in the arena grow vicious and the pressure to fall pregnant desperate Morrdrook and Anna find solace in each others arms For soon, their chance at freedom must come.

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      294 Angela Castle
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    1. Angela Castle

      I am a full time mother and part time writer I live in a small country town in Victoria Australia I have been writing ever since I learned to read, and almost endlessly drifting off into the fantasy world of my imagination.Thankfully, I have a great group of supporting writer friends a husband and three currently small children who help keep me grounded.When I m not day dreaming of creating new worlds for my stories or madly typing away on my laptop I have plenty to keep me busy on the home front.I welcome feedback from my readers so please feel free to drop me a line at angelacastleleros yahoo

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    1. Essentially there is this one race of aliens who are obsessed with gladiatorial-style games. And they have destroyed several civilizations in order to put together their teams of gladiators. Including the Zakiu, where they have this great bunch of guys but managed to kill off the entire female population. So they go to Earth and kidnap a group of women for breeding purposes.As other reviews have noted, the amazing thing is how quickly it seems that every women accept her fate and falls in love w [...]

    2. This was a pretty god book yes it is similar to another book(which happens to be by one of my favorite paranormal romance authors) but there are enough differences that make is worth reading and a really good PR. Morrdrook is a warrior his race was captured and imprisioned now all that is left are warriors strong enough to fight and a few older men left on the home planet. Those keeping Morrdrook and his people captive have been searching for compatible females and they found that in Anna. Anna [...]

    3. I would have given a higher rating, but it contains several errors. I can over look spelling errors, but when an author switches couples up in the middle of the book, just can't get past that.

    4. So it was definitely interesting. Not sure if I agreed with how easily the mc accepted her situation but then again, I've never been captured by aliens, taken to another planet, and faced with the decision of impregnation or death so maybe I shouldn't judge. I did think that the mc could have been a little more sympathetic to fellow captives who didn't warm to the circumstances as quickly as she did though. This book = typos galore as well, not to mention a few pages of content errors (character [...]

    5. This book would have gotten a good solid 4 stars from me except for all of the mistakes. Improperly used words, misspellings even mixing up one man's name for another with his female partner (that went on about 15+ pages then mysteriously was corrected).Angela Castle books are a mess like Kristen Ashley books. I love most all of her stories and I buy them religiously, but 'someone' needs to be paying a good proofreader just saying.The story was quite good and is Part 1 of 2, so read this one fir [...]

    6. I seriously loved this book. Excellent in every way. If you are going to be kidnapped, it's best to be given to an alien who will be nice to you.I like how his markings glowed in the height of emotion.Will definitely read the next in the series.

    7. I liked this book very much. I believe this genre is called Aeon, not sure. But this book is a perfect example of why I really like this genre.

    8. Mmm ok let's seeory had a typical storyline which in this genre aren't many to choose from. The writing style was easy to follow and read, the characters were likeable. So in all not a bad quick light read. The bad points for me and the reason for my low star rating is the author forgot who was mated to whom, this was a let down as really it's only three couples you have to remember and if you cared for the characters your writing about, it's a mistake that you shouldn't be making. The author al [...]

    9. I love Angela Castle's stories and this is no exception.Anna is understandably upset about the situation she is in but handles it pragmatically and with a strong will to survive.I found her like-able and I could relate to her emotions and decisions.Morrdrook is in a desperate situation and he and the other Zakiu have been through a lot of heartbreak. He is strong, caring and protective. Together they work to get through to the end of the Druel waking season and a chance to go home to the Zakiu h [...]

    10. Like many others I have a problem with how fast all the woman accepted their Aliens. Not just any Alien but exactly the one that won them. Thats just too perfect and simple.But a bigger problem are the nameing errors for me. To switch the pairings so often in a short story with three main couples and perhaps two additional ones is really bad. Did no one read this before publishing?And it annoys me that in all those Alienbooks there is a device, ritual or magic for instant translation. But that a [...]

    11. I had to lower my rating of this book considerably because of the grammar and even name errors made by the author. At one point two of the names were mixed up for a few chapters making me very confused. When the author mixes up the names of their own characters that is when I start to get annoyed. Other than these errors the premise of the book was good but the ending was lacking leaving us with a very basic: to be continued. I found myself skimming over some of the book just to finish it. Needl [...]

    12. I liked that the heroine Anna was both smart and strong even with all the horror going on around her. Anna made the decision to accept her situation and realized that she needed to do everything in her power to live. Her first meeting with the hero Morrdrook was scary as hell but this did not stop Anna from being able to see the good in him and to eventually love him and accepting him as the wonderful male that he is. I was excited to find out that there is another book coming and hope that we g [...]

    13. Really 2.5 stars.Typical earth girl/s abduction story this time to keep the Druel, a cruel gnome-like race, betting on their favourite gladiators, the blue & white Zakiu, they need women to breed with them as they've already killed all the female Zakiu.The premise is good though not original, however, I didn't have a connection to any of the characters. I usually really enjoy this sort of story but not this time.I already have the next one, which is just as well as its a continuation.

    14. I just finished this and I thought it was so cute! I loved the characters (even Joan) and thought it was nicely written. I wouldn't call this a favorite, but it is one that I would read again. I did feel that their relationship moved at a fast pace, I don't think they really got to know each other. I did like her thought process, she did have so pretty quick comebacks there. I will be looking forward until I read the next one to see how it goes.

    15. I refund. Get money, find new book. Book terrible. Man talk like this. He like breed with big woman. Make bud and hold tup for fuck-fuck. Hahaha! Oh my god I am dying. This was hilariously bad. I didn't even make it to the first sex scene. I almost always I try to make it through the book and really give it an honest chance, but I just couldn't here. (And btw, anyone who has read Ral's Woman will notice the HUGE similarities to the story-line here - at least in the few chapters I read!)

    16. I enjoyed the story. A kidnaped woman from Earth find herserlf paired with and alien who must get her pregnant to keep her alive. I enjoyed the sweetness and care of Morrdrook for Anna.It might look weird that all the women accepted their fate but for me it worked. Why fight since you cannot escape and there's no way back anyway. The story was to short and I wanted more so I started immediately the second book.

    17. Well, I didn't really want to read this, the story line is pretty predictable, but I was looking for a light read. It's not bad, probably 2.5* and the translator was unique. However although the gals said they'd like something to do they never did. Maybe in book two they will. And I pity the poor women who are either themselves or their aliens infertile.* Update: downgraded to a 2*, the whole feeding thing started to grate on me.

    18. I'm really a fan. Of course, books like this with "breeding" premises are a bit of a shameless ploy, but this one is respectable. It's more complicated than you'd expect, but it doesn't take itself too seriously. The last few pages are a bit rushed, but the rest feels very natural and well paced.Definite fan.

    19. me like very much. no me like some much.but not enough much to go on reading.--------female does one piddly little thing, and gets praised to the skiesle fights like any gladiator should i'm being too harsh it's not too bad. it just managed to annoy me. but i did manage to finish it :)

    20. DNF. I've tried to read this book in its entirety maybe three, four times now and I just can't do it. I do quite like the whole "mars needs women" trope generally, and, maybe there was something wrong with my copy and it's been corrected since but when character names start getting mixed up, I'm out.

    21. There was one scene that was very confusing. I think the author forgot for a moment who was with who because Joan was with Nular for a little bit when she is actually with Makkiu. If that one scene was fixed then this book would be 5 stars.

    22. A good book, Id give it 3.5 stars. Very similar to Laurann Dohner's Ral's Woman which is just a little bit better.

    23. I actually really liked this one. Both of the main characters are likable and the H is pretty hot (at least what i imagine he looks like anyways:) ). Totally want to read the next one as soon as it comes out.

    24. I had doubts about reading this book!! but once i started reading it i became an addicted to it!!! best book ever written!!

    25. I didn't care for this at all. It was poorly written, LOTS of grammatical erros. It was too gruesome and no emotional investment by the characters.

    26. I read this and I thought it's the most romantic. An alien gladiator fights for the freed of the woman he loves. This is the kind of story that makes you wish you have a guy like him

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