Assignment in Eternity Compelling science fiction adventure from New York Times bestseller Robert A Heinlein two classic novellas and two short stories with speculation on what makes us human Gulf in which the greatest supe

  • Title: Assignment in Eternity
  • Author: Robert A. Heinlein
  • ISBN: 9780451039682
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Compelling science fiction adventure from New York Times bestseller Robert A Heinlein two classic novellas and two short stories with speculation on what makes us human Gulf in which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can t decide on quite what to do with the rest of us The prequel to Heinlein s later NewCompelling science fiction adventure from New York Times bestseller Robert A Heinlein two classic novellas and two short stories with speculation on what makes us human Gulf in which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can t decide on quite what to do with the rest of us The prequel to Heinlein s later New York Times best seller, Friday Lost Legacy in which it is proved that we are all members of that league of the superhuman or would be, if we but had eyes to see.Plus two great short stories Two of the master s finest one on the nature of being, the other on what it means to be a Man The second story, Jerry Was a Man, was adapted for the TV series Masters of Science Fiction, and is now available on DVD.

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    1. Robert A. Heinlein

      Robert Anson Heinlein was an American novelist and science fiction writer Often called the dean of science fiction writers , he is one of the most popular, influential, and controversial authors of hard science fiction He set a high standard for science and engineering plausibility and helped to raise the genre s standards of literary quality He was the first SF writer to break into mainstream, general magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, in the late 1940s He was also among the first authors of bestselling, novel length science fiction in the modern, mass market era.

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    1. Four of Heinlein’s stories from the 1940s were collected into this surprisingly good anthology and published together in 1953.I say surprisingly, not because I expect anything less from Heinlein, or that I think his earlier work is substandard (far from it) or that collections are an inferior vehicle (again - far from it, I am after all a fan of Bradbury, le Guin and Poul Anderson). I am very pleasantly surprised because these stories are tied together under a theme of humans reaching for supe [...]

    2. The problem with Heinlein is that he's so readable. Ordinarily the ability to write compelling prose -- which is not actually a given, especially in hard SF -- would be good, but in RAH's case this often results in me being taken on journeys I really, really did not want to go on, and yet I find myself unable to stop. (See: anything involving incest, relationships with your underage future girlfriend, the entirety of Friday, and really I could keep going. And yet I am still trying to read most o [...]

    3. I have a confession to make: when I read this story at age 12 or so, I found the ending very moving. I haven't read it since then, so I can't say I've had a chance to revise my opinion. Maybe I'll just leave it that way. In case you haven't come across Assigment, here's what I can recall of it.So, it's one of those stories where the hero discovers that he's got superhuman powers. They aren't really extraordinary as these things go, but, none the less, he finds he's one of a select group of peopl [...]

    4. Assignment in Eternity is a collection of four of Heinlein’s early published works. Two of the stories are advertised as “short novels”, or what might be more accurately called in current word count designations as novellas, and two shorter works. All four of these were first published in magazine format in the 1940’s, though two were actually written in 1939.I first became a fan of Robert A. Heinlein over a decade ago when I read his novel Friday. I went on to read Time Enough for Love [...]

    5. Some of my favorite reading back in the day was "golden age" science fiction that I had found a stash of in the thrift store of the tiny town I grew up in. Much of that gold was from the pen of Heinlein, and reading this was like going home for summer vacation. The themes are familiar and I have always admired the way he could write bantering dialogue of the sort good friends use. This book contains four of his best stories because of--not in spite of--its abrupt ending. I'd also like to see the [...]

    6. Gulf was my favourite of these 4 stories. It's a science fiction/spy thriller centred around the idea that some homo sapiens have evolved to become "homo nova", capable of superhuman intellect, speaking in an advanced language and can memorise almost anything. The group's task is to protect the world while trying to expand their secret society. It has a really tragic ending but it was great fun to read.Elsewhen was my least favourite of them all, it's about a group of student who travelled to di [...]

    7. "Important for their philosophical content rather than science speculation -- for values of 'philosophical' that involved speculative metaphysics and speculative anthropology. Elsewhen was in fact one of his earliest stories -- Opus 5 -- and Elsewhen -- Opus 10 -- was written even before 1939 was out" p 2. "These early stories collected together [for 1953] marked the intellectual pathway Heinlein was to follow" p 4 (from Intro by William H. Patterson Jr). 1 Gulf Nov-Dec 1949 Astounding - Joe Gr [...]

    8. Some of these stories have aged better than others. Some of them are kind of cheesy, but no more than a modern Doctor Who episode. If you’re starting with Heinlein start somewhere else.

    9. I borrowed this from the library because I'm writing a story that follows the basic Heileinian pattern (if it wasn't a word, well it is now). It's not far off from the classic Campbell story, but RAH has a lot of flavors of his own to add, including long, meandering discussions of political and/or personal belief systems. What better way to make the best plot possible than to read all the Heinlein I haven't yet burned through? Besides, this book of four novellas included Gulf, which he wrote as [...]

    10. This book has 4 short stories of Heinlein's from 1941 to 1949. The first story, Gulf, has a protagonist who seems very similar to the protagonist from Puppet Masters, a super-competent man-of-action. It deals with his interaction with a group of people that are even more super-competent than he is. However the ending is abrupt and seems like a throw-away, it left me very unsatisfied. It's easy to think that characters like this are just rip-off from James Bond, but then when you work it out this [...]

    11. Collection of shorts & novellas. The novellas relate to secret ubermensch society; the two shorts are apparent one-offs, involving respectively interdimensional travel and bioengineering. None of the stories have much intrigue, and the novellas lack schwerpunkt. The first novella is a spy narrative, wherein a master infiltrator is inducted into the secret society in order to stop some rich greasers from blowing up the earth with the ultimate weapon. The second novella involves some academics [...]

    12. Enjoyable, but nothing special as far as Heinlein goes. The first novella bears striking similarities to Friday - not necessarily the overall thrust of the story, but many of the trappings (secret agent is followed, captured, freed, taken to a farm where s/he learns to embrace his/her full potential.) The second novella I liked more - it had an odd touch of mysticism, for Heinlein, although many other of his common themes. And the two short stories that comprise the rest of the book were enjoyab [...]

    13. Heinlein, as usuall, make quick entertaining stories where he explores ideas with very similar characters. I think that he might have been pretty progressive when it came to women in his stories, but the still feel very dated today. Not one of his best, but a good quick read if you like mr Heinlein.

    14. A fairly good set of four stories, or two novellas and two short stories. Read about Gulf in the afterword for Glory Road, and immediately sought it out (I plan to re-read Friday sometime soon). Enjoyed Lost Legacy quite a bit also.

    15. Assignment In Eternity is from the "golden" part of Heinlein's career before he went a bit mad with power and started writing books without allowing them to be edited (and, unfortunately, decided that sex and incest were irresistible themes). It was one of the first science fiction books I ever read. It's also still one of my very favorite books. As Heinlein books go, it's relatively obscure; undeservedly so, I think.There was a painting of a naked woman on the cover of my old paperback copy, so [...]

    16. A series of short novels that all seem to ask to what makes up a man or humanity. From the idea that there are already supermen with faster reflexes and better brains amongst us in a fight to preserve the Earth from some of the more crooked of the supermen or even just evil; on over to can an anthropomorphic animal that has been given some human traits such as basic speech and reasoning be considered a human. All of these stories the are interesting and present some ideas on the later reasoning [...]

    17. The Gulf: A superspy working for a secret organization gets recruited by an even SUPERER SECRETER organization to learn to tap in to his unknown mental abilities. This new group believes a race of supermen capable of thinking at a superhuman level will become the new leading species on the planet. They want to train these adepts to bring peace to the world.Elsewhen: A college professor discovers the key to interdimensional time travel. Apparently it's just sitting down quietly for 30 minutes. An [...]

    18. Assignment in Eternity contains several of Heinlein’s works, but Lost Legacy stands above the rest, and is the focus of this review. If you are a writer, or want to be, you should seek out Lost Legacy because Heinlein puts on a clinic in how to write. Beware though, to enjoy the story you have to keep reminding yourself that in 1941 the functions of various parts of the brain were unknown and that our relatively full complement of pre-human ancestors had not yet been dug up. You also have to r [...]

    19. This collection was a pretty rough read. "Lost Legacy" is the longest story; written in 1941, it predated John Wyndam's the Crysalids by 14 years. Deals with the persecutions of psychics who try to organize. Read up on Mount Shasta and Ambrose Bierce first, before reading this book. "Assignment in Eternity" is a 4-story collection released in 1953. "Lost Legacy" is one of the four stories within.

    20. Heinlein is a great writer but it seems very much he lost interest in this story once begun, tailed off and published anyway. Should have remained an unpublished manuscript for his estate to mull over.

    21. This collection of stories, or novellas, is fantastic! Some of the ideas in it just blew my mind, such as an organization of super humans to protect the rest of us idiots from destroying ourselves. Great cloak and dagger, political concepts, scene setting, and story telling.

    22. It turns out the secret to unlocking humanities true power is actually just thinking about it. But like, REALLY thinking about it. Neat.

    23. « L'uomo è più di un animale perchè ragiona; il superuomo e più di un uomo perché ragiona meglio ». Ouesta frase sintetizza la tematica dei quattro romanzi brevi riuniti in questo volume, uno dei più significativi apparsi durante la cosiddetta « Età d’Oro della Fantascienza ». Negli Stati Uniti dell’avvenire, le opposte forze del bene e del male si combattono sul terreno della facoltà parapsicologiche: sarà compito di una ristretta cerchia di giovani selezionati recuperare la p [...]

    24. Read this many moons ago, and the stories were written even longer ago than that: Gulf (1949), Elsewhen (1941), Lost Legacy (1941), Jerry Was a Man (1947).All but the last story focus on the idea of psychic or supernatural powers; the idea that, if trained, humans could think faster, react faster, use telepathy and telekinesis, perhaps even levitate and travel through time and space.In Gulf Joe Greene is "converted" to the cause of supermen/women against evil, taking on an evil genius determined [...]

    25. This is a fantastic book. It's really a compilation of 4 short stories, all very worth reading. After reading Starship Troopers, I was a bit hesitant to read more from Heinlein, however, the work in this book is a lot more finely polished. While Starship Troopers dragged heavily mid-book, the stories here are well paced and full of analytical thinking and action when it needed it.Gulf was my favorite story in the series. The characters were mysterious, the events depicted gave you an impression [...]

    26. I’ve been trying to refresh my memory of the golden age sci-fi authors that I’d loved as a kid. This collection was not on the list of must-reads, but became available at my local library, so I figured, what the hell?I should first state that these stories were mostly written during an era of optimism in American science fiction. There was strong, confident belief in the inevitable improvement of humanity, and that with technological advances, hunger, war, racism, and illness would gradually [...]

    27. Quite the Assignment!Early Heinlein, for me, is a bit interesting regardless of its sly wit and occasional weak female characters. These were written in the 40s and were decent and entertaining but not up to the level of story Heinlein wrote in the Sixties and beyond, "Stranger in a Strange Land," etc. This book is an anthology, all having something to do with the improvement of the human condition, and a bit of fantasy mixed into the science. "Gulf" starts out as a spy novel, but then evolves i [...]

    28. One of the other reviewers on here said it pretty well: Heinlein is just too darn readable, even if you can't get past some of his themes and attitudes. So even the long boring crap about supermen saving all us others who are too dumb to take care of ourselves is tolerable for a while longer than expected. A word first about Bronson Pinchot as a narrator: Outstanding. Especially for Heinlein. He reads the characters as they sound in my head. He sounds older now, too, because he is, of course. An [...]

    29. Assignment in Eternity captivated me with mind bending reality changes throughout the four short stories which are within it's pages. Heinlein, being the "dean of space-age fiction" (The New York Times), seems more occupied with mental awakenings that occur in the future rather than any sort of technological advances. Unlike most sci-fi, Assignment in Eternity deals with fantasy type powers such as levitation, mind control, and above all, extremely superior intelligence. The short stories Gulf, [...]

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